Simplest Buying Guide for Used Cars – 10 Tips to Follow

Just because someone used a car previously doesn’t mean it’s not new to a person. It may not be physically new, but it’s still new to the person who is buying it for the first time. Every year almost 40 million used cars exchange hands. Sometimes buying a used car can be more exciting than buying a new car. And with a proper buying guide for the used car, things can also be very smooth and perfect.

How to Choose the Used Car – 10 Simple Buying Guides

Buying a used car can save a lot of money as compared to a brand new car. Here are some steps to follow before you buy a used car.

Step 1: Set a budget

It’s important to figure out your budget before you start the procedure of buying a used car. You should work out on your ability to spend for the car and how you are going to pay for the car.

Also, you will have to keep in mind that there is a possibility of an extra cost for buying new wheels and other maintenances. You need to include those costs to your total budget. It’ll help you to select the perfect model according to your buying capability.

Step 2: Make the searching

Once you have the determination of your budget, then you will get the solid idea of how much money you can afford to buy a used car. Now it’s time for searching for the suitable one. You can start to determine which car will be perfect for you within that price range. It’s important to figure out how you will mostly use the car. Like, if you want to use the car for family purpose and have a lot of family member, you should look for a car with more seating capacity.

Step 3: Check prices

Price of used cars depends partly on the place from where you are buying the car. You can get the price of used cars from different sources like used-car retailers, independent used-car lots and different websites where private-party sellers usually list their cars.

To have an idea about what other people pay for the model you want to buy, Edmunds offers a quick and easy way to know about the average price of used cars in your area.

Step 4: Look for local used-car auction

There is no possibility to get a used car from a market or a shop of brand new cars. The thing you can do is you can search for a local used-car auction or a second-hand car market. There you’ll get a variety of cars according to your budget. If you buy from a second-hand market, you will also have the scope to talk with the real buyer on different aspects related to the car.

Step 5: Check the history report

This is a crucial step in purchasing a used car. It’s a must for you to know if the car has a bad history report. Sometimes some immoral people try to sell their used car after a devastating accident or conducting criminal activity.

If you are not purchasing the car from a relative or friend, then you must see the report. You can run the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) through to know if it’s been in a horrific accident or if it’s a flood vehicle. You should take this step as early as possible before buying a used car.

Step 6: Contact the seller

If you find the expected car, make a call to the given number before going to see it. You should call the seller first and ask him whether the car is still available to buy or not.

If it’s still available, then you may proceed to further discussion like why he is selling the car or if there is any mechanical problem. This will not only help you to know some unstated information about the car but also help to build a good relationship with the seller.

Step 7: Drive the car

Before you purchase the used car in Darwin, you must make test-drive to understand how much comfort it is to drive the car. It’ll definitely give you the peace of mind. It’s an effective way to assess the overall condition of the car briefly.

If the test drive is done, now you can ask for the service record of the car. It’ll let you know if the scheduled maintenances were properly performed in time or not. You can also use your own mechanic for inspection of the condition.

Step 8: Inspect the owner, not just the car

If you are buying the car privately, then you must inspect the owner of the car also, because sometimes knowing about the owner tells you a lot about the car. You should inspect the owner is trustworthy or not.

You have to know if he is willing to tell all the bad stuff straightly when you ask. If the seller is the real owner and has no criminal record, then you can think of buying from him.

Step 9: Negotiate a good deal

Don’t get stuck at the price that the seller offers for the first time. You should negotiate and reach your budgeted amount step by step. Make an opening offer which is much lower than your ultimate price. You should also control your emotion over the car and be willing to walk away.

Step 10: Get the paperwork done

Finally, you have to make sure that the seller, as well as the previous owner, transfer the registration and title to you properly. Before exchanging money and product, ask for the title and tell the owner to sign the contract. It’s also important to close the deal to escape after sales conflicts.

So, these are the major steps and buying guide you should follow if you are thinking of choosing a used car. Following those steps, you will be able to buy such a car that suits you most and can fulfill your desired demands. You will also be able to protect yourself from being cheated.

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